He’s going to kill me.
So I have a friend named Corey. He’s one of my best friends and I’m super protective over him like a big sister(even though he’s older than me). Yet, he has no idea I’m posting his image on the internet. Teehee
Down to the point, he’s only 5’4” and his height is a very big deal to him, but as you can see he is VERY good looking. And he’s a complete sweetheart. He’s so downtrodden about his height that he thinks he’ll never find love. I’ve been trying to help him, but he won’t even talk to an average height girl because he’ll automatically think that she’ll want nothing to do with him

I want to show him that girls think he’s good looking despite his vertical deficiency(lol).

And maybe someone can give me advice to give to him so he can find his confidence again and find the Hispanic, tattooed, curvy girl of his dreams.