I love my City

Everyone in their own little city says “There’s no place like __(insert random city here)__.” As true as this is, there really is no place like Philadelphia.

Celebrities who travel all over the world can remember stopping into Philly for one reason or another. 

The food is like no other. No, we don’t win BBQ contests, or fanciest dishes. Hell, every other thing made here is fattening as all get out. But, I’ll take a soft pretzel, cheesesteak, or Tasty Cake anyday!

I love the lingo. I love that everything is an inside conversation when you’re talking to someone from the city. I love that we have our own accent. If you go anywhere else in the country they can tell we’re not quite from New York, not quite from the South. It’s pure Philly. You could go anywhere else in the world and you can tell another Phillian within 20 seconds of meeting. 

Our attitude can’t compare. We walk and talk with pride that can’t be compared. California represents the West Coast. New York represents the East, but they don’t represent us. And we represent ourselves just fine, thank you. And we do it with our heart and souls from the love we have for our little big city. 

The only city I now that has die hard fans years after years of not bringing home championships. We’ll fight over our teams even as we watch them lose the game and still come back the very next day with more pride, and more excitement then the game before. The color of our blood represents the team we would bleed for. Red and white, green, or orange. Fans of Philadelphia teams are known around the WORLD as loud mouth, overly fanatic, rough, shit-talking, snowball throwing maniacs. But you know what? We wouldn’t change a thing just because people think that. We’re proud of our big mouths, short tempers, and rough nature. You want to know why? Guaranteed you come into Philadelphia once, you’ll never ever forget us. And you very well might hate us. It must mean something that a city is more well known for rowdy fans over dangerous gang wars. 

And if you hate us for no reason, we’d gladly give you a reason to hate us after.

This is my city and I wouldn’t love her any other way.